From the first moment Twyla Birdsong sets free a deep soulful note, audiences are moved by the raw talent and radiance that pours from this incredible woman. Her rich resonant voice strikes a balance between Diva and Divine, making her one of Lansing's most talented and loved vocalists.

Twyla began singing at a young age in the youth choir of a full Pentecostal Church where her mother was the guitarist. Gospel was her early root and passion. Though she loves to sing the Blues, and comfortably proclaims herself as a 'Blues Artist', gospel heavily influences and helps define her inspirational style in any genre she performs in.

 "Everyone 'lives' the Blues...but I love singing the Blues. 'The Blues' is raw and honest." ~ Twyla

Among her many musical pursuits, Twyla is the lead singer for the predominantly Blues-based Mid-Michigan band The Hoopties; who competed in 2011 in the Memphis International Blues Challenge. In addition to session recording, Twyla collaborates in a 'Women of the Blues' Review with BMA winner Sharrie Williams, multi-award winning 'Detroit Princess of the Blues' Thornetta Davis and BMA nominee Kathlene Murray.

A powerful new addition to her professional repertoire, Twyla has embarked on a journey with Jazz, seeking to reconnect audiences with the joy of jazz review shows of days gone by. 'Uptown' ~ A Modern Review is producing profound results. Standing ovations and encores from audiences who haven't heard this kind of untrained passion in decades are wowed by her presence on stage as she delivers a fresh mix of Jazz standards mixed with sultry songs of today.

"I enjoy performing because it brings me joy, and I want people to feel and share in that. I want to uplift their spirits to help them make it to the next level in their game." ~ Twyla

Twyla is taking her blooming career to the next level, writing and preparing her first solo CD. It promises to be a musical force that strongly represents her artistic evolution and prowess as a woman on the edge of taking the scene by storm!

"The journey to 'here' has been interesting to say the least...and I'm not even half way done! The Best is getting Better." ~ Twyla